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The majority of individual counseling approaches tend to focus on the content of the stories people tell about themselves. My unique model of counseling individuals is different because it involves working together in real time using moment-to-moment tracking to understand anxiety, depression and difficulties in relationships. The counseling process for me intends to "work with trauma, loss, anxiety, depression, and the painful consequences of the limitations of human relatedness, and to discover places that have always been strong, places that were never broken" (Fosha, 2000).

My unique method to work with couples is informed by the Gottman Method Couples therapy. This method is specifically designed for couples and is supported by 40 years of research. As a couple counselor who has completed Level III training of this method, I will help and teach you specific tools to deepen your relationship and communication. I want you to know that talking about sex and sexuality is welcome in the counseling process. I see sex and sexuality as an important and natural part of life. 

The couples I have worked with have found this experience to be most effective, helpful and interesting. I offer the necessary tools for couples to use and build a stronger relationship, to notice and remember the positive aspects about each other. A relationship that has a strong foundation to begin with typically grows into a healthier more successful one. Premarital counseling can have crucial impact on couple’s relationship and is highly recommended for effective communication.

If the decision is to dissolve a relationship, often times an individual from that relationship will choose to remain in therapy for individual counseling. Healing may be at a deeper level and they may need to grieve this relationship and gain closer insight into the dissolution. It is an important time to learn more about themselves now that their partner is no longer in their life. 


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